Team Bonding Days

To build a great team, we need to build trust. To build trust, we must get to know each other.

We’ve had pizza and pool parties, a halloween bash, gone bowling, or just all met to hang out at BW’s!​ We’re always looking for new ideas so feel free to brainstorm and share with the team captains! It is a way for all our athletes, high school and middle school, to come together and just be friends!  No rowing involved!!

Crew Banquet & Paper Plate Awards!

At the end of Spring season, we hold an annual sports banquet at FHE in the Great Hall. Your coaches and captains reflect on your achievements and hand out “Paper Plate” awards to the team. These awards are not always about abilities or accomplishments, they can represent a unique personality trait (funniest) or even a moment that the team has shared. A video summarizing the year is watched together with parents at the end of the banquet.

Alone we can do so little
Together we can do so much

Helen Keller

I want to be inspired

I want to be part of something bigger than myself

I want to belong to a team

I want to become more responsible

I want a competitive

I want to relieve stress from school

I love boating and being on the water

I want a strong Mind & Body

I like to go FAST

I am looking for college scholarship opportunities