Winter Conditioning

Just keep rowing, just keep rowing….

After a successful Fall season, Winter crew training is available to ensure our rowers stay in shape and are are ready for the competitive Spring season just around the corner. Strength training and conditioning is important in the sport of rowing as when you row, you use all of your muscles..especially your core and if your core gets weak, it will be more difficult for you to be ready for the weekly regattas coming up. Our athletes will learn about the body and how best to use it to move their boat through the water.

Winter brings us to FH Eastern High School, training on the erg machines and in the fitness center. Cardio is stressed as well as timing on the ergs. Our goal is that you not only race others, but you are encouraged to strive to beat your own times the stronger you get. It’s also a lot of fun and keeps you in touch with your crew friends.

Crew as a Secondary Sport

In addition to rowers in Winter Conditioning, crew invites students in other sports to participate with us (Spring too if they can!). The act of rowing is arguably one of the best workouts for your body and benefits athletes in every sport. If you know of someone who plays tennis in the Fall, they are welcomed to join crew for Winter conditioning.

High School and Middle Schoolers who wish to row in the next year, please give Coach Ben a heads up so we can make sure you are in the loop!