Grand Rapids Spring Sprints Ergatta

Saturday, March 23rd 2024

Forest Hills Central High School Gymnasium
5901 Hall St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.


School doors will open at 7:15am.

All athletes to arrive no later than 7:30am.


Spectators – Admission: $5.00 per person, $20.00 per family.

Ergatta Indoor Rowing

The Grand Rapids Spring Sprints is an indoor rowing regatta. Competitors race on the Concept2 indoor rower or Erg over a distance of 500 meters, 1500 meters or 2000 meters depending on the classification of the participant. Coxswains will row 500 meters, high school novice (first year rowers) will compete at 1500 meters and all other participants will race the 2000 meter distance.

Each competitor races against the clock. Winners in each division are determined by the best overall time to complete the distance. To aid the rowers, the Concept2 electronic race system is used to track each participant. The system produces a graphic representation of “boat position” for each participant during the race. The graphic is projected onto a large screen in the gymnasium so that the spectators can obtain a visual of where each rower is in the race.

Divisions for high school include: coxswain, novice, lightweight and open. Medals are awarded to the top 3 finish positions in each event. 

Overall, the GR Spring Sprints is an exciting event that kicks off the spring rowing season for our high school teams. Bring your enthusiasm and your ear plugs (the gym can get very loud with all of the cheering) to enjoy a great morning of racing.