Mandatory Swim Test

Thursday, March 16 at the Forest Hills Aquatic Center (see map below)
First group starts at 6:45pm (see FinalForms email from Coach Norrix for details)

All rowers must take the Mandatory Swim Test.


  • Please don’t arrive before 6:30pm.
  • Use the lower entrance of the building.  
  • All athletes should wear a bathing suit underneath their swim clothes. Please have them check any pockets for treasures (lint, wrappers, money, etc.) and remove those items.
  • The athletes need to take a soaking shower with their swim clothes on.  Showers are required for everyone entering the pool.  Showering with the clothes on will remove some additional dirt/lint before they enter the water.
  • There will be no diving in or flips/twists off the side of the pool.
  • During the treading portion, everyone must stay at the surface (no going underwater).

    • Dress in layers.
    • Sweatpants and Sweatshirt for the treading portion.
    • Do NOT wear anything that you care about. This test is in a chlorine pool and could damage your clothing.

    • Swim on your back and keep your head back ALL THE WAY and keep your arms and legs underwater. 
    • If you choose to swim on your stomach, keep your arms and legs near the surface but underwater.
  • Treading:  Bring knees up like you are sitting in a chair and kick with a wide kick.  Lean forward (try to get their back (lungs) near the surface.  Keep hands/arms just under the surface, mostly straight, and move straight out together and then all the way apart out to the side.  Slower is better!!

Getting to the Swim Test: