Mandatory Swim Test

Forest Hills Aquatic Center (see map below)

Each year before the start of Spring season all rowers are required to take the Mandatory Swim Test. Details will be sent out closer to the time by Coach Norrix via FinalForms and the crew board newsletter.

The information below is from 2023 season and as a reference only.

  • Please don’t arrive before 6:30pm.
  • Use the lower entrance of the building.  
  • All athletes should wear a bathing suit underneath their swim clothes. Please have them check any pockets for treasures (lint, wrappers, money, etc.) and remove those items.
  • The athletes need to take a soaking shower with their swim clothes on.  Showers are required for everyone entering the pool.  Showering with the clothes on will remove some additional dirt/lint before they enter the water.
  • There will be no diving in or flips/twists off the side of the pool.
  • During the treading portion, everyone must stay at the surface (no going underwater).

    • Dress in layers.
    • Sweatpants and Sweatshirt for the treading portion.
    • Do NOT wear anything that you care about. This test is in a chlorine pool and could damage your clothing.

    • Swim on your back and keep your head back ALL THE WAY and keep your arms and legs underwater. 
    • If you choose to swim on your stomach, keep your arms and legs near the surface but underwater.
  • Treading:  Bring knees up like you are sitting in a chair and kick with a wide kick.  Lean forward (try to get their back (lungs) near the surface.  Keep hands/arms just under the surface, mostly straight, and move straight out together and then all the way apart out to the side.  Slower is better!!

Getting to the Swim Test: