Mandatory Swim Test

This page has been updated with Spring 2021 information.

All rowers must take the Mandatory Swim Test which will take place on Friday March 19, 2021 at 7pm at the Forest Hills Aquatic Center.

Rowers, Coxswains and Parent Volunteers:

  • BRING WITH YOU: Towel and an extra full set of clothing. DUE TO COVID you will have 10 minutes in the locker room to change. Athletes will be allowed in the locker room 10 at a time.
  • ARRIVAL:The lower entrance and locker rooms will be unlocked at 6:50 pm.  The upper entrance will remain locked so please encourage everyone to come in downstairs.  
  • ALL MUST REMOVE STREET SHOES before stepping on pool deck. Coaches and parent volunteers included. During the test, volunteer “watchers,” please spread out along the pool deck.
  • SHOWER WITH CLOTHES ON (Remove items from pockets): All athletes will need to take a soaking shower with the clothes that they will be wearing in the pool on.  This will reduce the amount of lint in the pool.
    • 5-MINUTE TREADING-WATER PORTION: Enter the pool fully clothed, feet-first and spread out in the water during the treading-water portion. 15 kids will be treading at a time. If you might struggle, you are encouraged to stay near the wall and/or rope.
    • 50-YARD LAP-SWIMMING PORTION IN LANES 1-3: Enter the pool, fully clothed with life jacket on. The test measures your ability to stay afloat in the unlikely event of a capsized boat until a safety launch can get to you. It is a standard test taken by all rowing programs and should not be taken lightly. The coaching staff will work with anyone who may have trouble with the test.
  • PLEASE EXIT AS SOON AS YOUR TEST IS COMPLETE: The use of the pool and building is limited for testing purposes only. 

Getting to the Swim Test:

  • You may park in either lot (front or back)
  • Please be ON-TIME
  • FHN & FHC will be testing with us