FHE Crew Erg-a-thon

Saturday April 13th,
9:00 am -1:00 pm (TBD)
FHE Great Hall

On April 13, we will be holding our largest (and some might say our most fun) fundraiser:  

Information below is from the 2023 event. Details will be posted as available.

During the ERGATHON, our rowers will be challenged to do their personal best while raising money for the team.  

Each rower is asking family, friends, local businesses, neighbors, etc. to sponsor them in this endeavor.  Donors can support the athletes in one of TWO ways:

Donating a dollar amount per 1,000 meters OR a flat donation for the entire race.  
(see PayPal link below, make checks out to FHE Crew or cash. 100% of donations go to the team).

Rowing is one of the most enjoyable, yet expensive of all high school sports.  Boats can cost upwards of $30,000!  Additionally, we are responsible for the cost and upkeep of much of the equipment such as: oars, riggers, cox boxes, speaker systems, boat trailers, fuel, etc.  Keeping and maintaining quality equipment helps our athletes to reach their greatest potential.  

On the day of the ERGATHON, each rower will be rowing a 10k (that’s 10,000 meters for you landlubbers).  

There will be prizes awarded to the athletes who raise the most donation amounts (the TOP THREE) and other fun surprises during the event.  

This is a family friendly event, come cheer on your athlete, enjoy light refreshments, and maybe try “ergging” on your own if time allows! 

If we can reach our goal of raising $8,000 our coaches have agreed to hop on an ERG themselves!