Crew Team Apparel & Yard Signs

Uniform Mandatory Requirements


Due to the uncertainty brought on by Covid, uniform requirements and apparel decisions are still being made. Coach Ben or the Parent Board will send information via FinalForms regarding uniforms. Please disregard the information on this page until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. (Links have been disabled)

This is our Crew Apparel Uniform order form and required for each rower! Download PDF File to print the order form! Prices are coming soon.

  • One SewSporty embroidered Racing Tank
  • SewSporty Visor
  • One pair of BLACK spandex Rowing Trou to race in-Coach suggests having multiple pairs for practices (in any color) but for racing they must be black Rowing Trou. Available with FHE Crew logo from Sew Sporty, or may purchase similar without logo elsewhere.
  • Long-sleeved Black Warm-upAvailable with FHE Crew logo from Sew Sporty, or may purchase similar without logo elsewhere.

Crew Season T-Shirt

  • Each Season athletes will receive a Crew season T-shirt (may not be available for Spring 2021)
  • T-Shirt is included in Club Dues and does not require payment

Optional Apparel with FHE Logo

  • FHE Crew Jackets appr. $100 (not available Spring 2021-Usually ordered in November)
  • FHE Crew Warm Up Long Sleeve Shirt (w/logo Included on Required Apparel Order Form)
  • FHE Crew Sweatshirts
  • FHE T-Shirts
  • FHE Baseball Hats

Mandatory Apparel Form may be ordered at the Parent/Athlete Informational Meeting, given to Jen Asselin or dropped off at the school rowing mailbox with check made out to FHE Crew!  

Name Yard Signs

Yard signs with your rower’s name on it are placed along the carpool line during each week we have a regatta. Yard signs are $25 each and are reusable. To order one for your rower, please email Jen Asselin.

Note: We are looking for someone to place yard signs before each regatta (appr. 6 total) along the carpool line. If you are interested, please email Michelle Johnson.

Check here for other ways you can help the team!

​Questions about Apparel or Yard Signs? Just ask Jen Asselin.