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Spring Crew 2021 Practice starts Monday, March 22

Spring Crew IS happening!

What You Need to Know…

  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FINAL FORMS paperwork and payments are in and complete!
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR Crew Dues and Registration paperwork and payments are in and complete!
  • THIS FRIDAY, March 19 at 7pm is the MANDATORY SWIM TEST! You will swim with clothes ON. You will have 10 minutes to change in the locker room.
  • Practices start MONDAY, March 22 right after school at the Boathouse.
  • BRING 20 E-MAILS FOR A SNAP!RAISE FUNDRAISER to FIRST PRACTICE! * We’ll do the rest! If we get full 100% participation, an “anonymous donor” will spring for a pizza party! We need to keep our boats afloat! More later…

Uniforms: Due to Covid uncertainty, uniform needs are still being worked out. More on this later!

Please be patient while we update the website-lots of changes due to covid!

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